• 20 pre-programmed whole body massage therapies.
  • It combines functions of five professional massage manipulations: shiatsu, kneading, stroking, stretching, knocking.
  • Airbags placed all around the chair, to relieve full-body pressure.
  • SL Rail make the mechanical arm massage from neck to thigh with the length of 135cm SL type rail. It sharply enlarges the cope that mechanical arm can reach, body curve design lets you get better massage effect.
  • Zero Gravity design can fully support the neck and back, especially the lumbar section, therefore, it allows you feel like relaxed and body gets deep relaxation.
  • Air squeezes massage for Seat, Calf, Heel and Sole.
  • Lumbar Heaters help to reduce or eliminate the discomfort caused by strained, overworked muscles, improve circulation and enhance metabolism.
  • Body scan and shoulder detecting function.


  • Intelligent multi function massage chair.
  • Classic electric lifting: changing massage chair angel manually or automatically within personal desire make zero gravity experience while you are massaging.
  • Human touch technique: imitate real massagist technique, airbags all around the chair.
  • Some unique designs make our products outstanding: such as 2 extra long massage heads on the neck, process painless massage program; 18 on back and waist, 4-5cm width for single massage head, make you feel extra soft and leisure experience etc.


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